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EHarmony Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance

EHarmony Review: Is It Real Or Fake?
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Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 2 983 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Dating site for serious relationships
  • The matching algorithms and methods are dot precise and meticulous.
  • Millions of members
  • The simplest of designs
  • Site navigation is a breeze
  • This site is used by members from 210 countries
  • Customer support is beneficial and responsive
  • It has a pre-installed questionnaire for right matching
  • The best profiles belong only to the premium account holders.
  • Personalized customer support is a part of the premium package
  • Not LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Free members have limited search filter options

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The eHarmony website is one of the best dating sites which has maximum memberships and is in rising mode. The traffic on the website vouches for the members a chance of finding their soulmate. 9 out of 10 EHarmony reviews across the internet are talking about its superior matchmaking system and algorithms that help narrow down the matches assuring higher rates of success.

Each eHarmony review is a success story in itself. eHarmony is updating its website to become more inclusive and less judgmental.

EHarmony is an excellent website to find long-term relationships. The dating site was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who is also a clinical psychologist by profession. He was always searching for ways to help people find love in their lives. EHarmony creates millions of matches every day using its unique compatibility meter that matches members’ profiles with absolute perfection!

Getting on this wonderful website and signing up is a breeze. The search filters are incredibly efficient. The site’s filters are known to throw up brilliant results in less than a heartbeat. The website has both a mobile version as well as a desktop version. The mobile application is available on Google Play store as well as Apple iTunes Store. Members can download the application or the website for free and sign up and create a profile without spending a single dollar!

A general opinion on the eHarmony website interface

A general opinion on the eHarmony website interface

The eHarmony website is exceptionally well-designed. The layout looks very simple. When members start to use it, they will realize how the buttons and the features are placed in a very logical sequence. EHarmony reviews everywhere are full of praises for the easy site’s navigation. It is easy to even for those who are technologically challenged. In case there is a difficulty, the members can take the help of the highly responsive customer support desk. The website is compatible with all the browsers available now. Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox deliver a browsing experience.

The website has a user-friendly interface and is not feature-dense but whatever features are available are of very high quality. The icons and the options are all neatly and logically placed on the menu bar itself. The site is designed to keep minimalism in mind. The matches are shown in a grid formation displaying the following information:

  • Match’s names
  • City
  • Age
  • A blurred out profile image of the member

Only paid premium members can see clear profile images.

EHarmony is one of those dating sites that are big on delivering results. The website itself does not have the best design, but it leaves a lasting impression on the members. It also works very efficiently, as is evident from the massive number of relationships culminated in long term partnerships and marriage. The website design has zero clutter. It is neat, straightforward, and exceptionally well-organized.

Members may occasionally see advertisements for upgrading to the site’s premium membership, but they are not annoying in any case. The ads do not frequently pop up while browsing. Apart from this trivial disturbance, nothing is irritating about them.

All about the registration process on the eHarmony dating website

All about the registration process on the eHarmony dating website

To register on the eHarmony website, the members need to get the app on to their device first. EHarmony has a mobile application as well as a desktop version to choose from. Members can choose whatever is convenient for them.

Members can use their Facebook or valid email address to register on the website. When the member logs in to the website, it will require them to fill in the necessary personal details such as first and last name, location, and email address. The email address is useful for the website to send the members their verification code on successful registration.

Once the email verification is complete, the members will be required to complete all the other sections, including uploading pictures and setting up their profile page. The registration does not take longer than 10 minutes. EHarmony registration may take a little longer than most other dating sites. This is because the website only wants to make sure that they have gathered all the essential information about their members. Doing this before the members begin accessing and browsing other profiles helps the site match them efficiently with other members with similar likes and interests. Answering the set questionnaire and taking a personality test right after registration is necessary irrespective of how the member chooses to register.

The personality test consists of questions that will help the website gauge the personality of the new member. Therefore, the test has several situational questions and is a perfect parameter to judge the member’s character. This information about the member becomes a handy tool in the website’s hands while matching members.

The compatibility quizzes contain questions on what qualities a member is looking for in his partner. The members can indicate all the qualities that they are expecting in their prospective partners. Members can even go to the extent of suggesting what body type, height, weight, nationality, etc. they are looking for in their future matches.

After completing the questionnaire and attempting the personality test, the member can upload their profile picture. The process will take more than 10 minutes to complete. After that, they may choose to upload their profile photo.

It is important to stress the need to put up a profile picture because a picture creates a lasting impression. Traffic on the profile considerably increases if the member uploads a good picture of them.

The best way to set up profile on the eHarmony dating website

The best way to set up profile on the eHarmony dating website

The profiles on eHarmony are very descriptive thanks to the pre-set questionnaire and the personality test that every member takes mandatorily. Profiles are open for everyone to read. The website does not restrict access to profiles that only match.

A member is free to update, edit, or change their profile details any number of times and anytime they wish. Premium members alone have access to the uploaded pictures of the members on the site. As we mentioned above, free members can only see a blurred profile image. It is also important that members complete their profiles because it becomes easy for the website to match prospects using descriptive words from the algorithms. A half-written profile often raises suspicion of either being a fake profile or a bot.

All information that is collected by eHarmony from the questionnaire and the test is reflected on the profile. The ‘About me’ section on the profile is also an excellent place for members to introduce themselves. Ninety-nine percent of the profiles on the website are filled. This is precisely why eHarmony is a great place for meeting up long-term romantic partners.

There is a compatibility tab on the profiles that give members an indication of how well their personality and likes and dislikes match their matches. The parameters for indication are:

  • Physical intimacy
  • Emotional quotient
  • Conscience
  • Values in a relationship
  • Values related to faith
  • Social skills
  • Affability
  • Altruism
  • Intellect
  • Accommodation
  • Sporting spirit
  • Romance

Some questions are answering, which allows matches to know each other well. Even though these questions are not compulsory to be attempted, they give a sneak peek into their nature and character if answered.

After each answer is saved, the system will allow the member to see what their match has answered. This is a great way to understand if they are compatible with each other or not.

Some of the special features on the eHarmony website

Some of the special features on the eHarmony website

There are some exceptional features on the eHarmony dating website. They form the backbone of entertainment and communication on the platform. Some of these unique features are also found on other dating sites. However, after a good perusal of all the eHarmony reviews, it can be safely said that those found on the website are the best and deliver exceedingly better matches.

  • Sending a smile:

Members can send a smiley icon to a profile they are interested in. The smiley icon is placed under the member’s profile photo. When the member clicks on it, it will be sent to the respective profile. This is often the first way of communication on the website.

  • Sending questions:

Members can send other members some questions to initiate a conversation. These questions often act as icebreakers. Sending questions to prospective matches is completely free.

  • Adding members to the favorite list:

EHarmony allows members to create a list on their profile page. This list can contain all the profiles that they like on the platform. It is easy to add profiles to the favorite list. It can be done by simply clicking on the star icon on the chosen profile pages. The starred profiles will automatically appear on the favorite list.

  • Dimension Personality Test:

This feature ensures that the members get a total of one hundred and fifty pre-installed questions. They can range from simple questions about likes and dislikes, hobbies to complicated ones such as life goals, professional aspirations, etc.

Does eHarmony have a mobile application?

EHarmony was one of the first dating sites to come out with a mobile application so that its members could match and communicate together everywhere. The mobile version has its trademark colors of blue. It uses icons and drops boxes for an excellent browsing experience.

The best part about eHarmony’s mobile application is that it is compatible across all the operating systems. It is in sync with all the development that happens at Android as well as iTunes Stores. There have never been any issues or glitches as far as the mobile application is concerned. This speaks volumes about how the eHarmony website is continuously in the habit of fixing bugs and making quality inclusions.

The mobile application is entirely free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Almost every feature on the desktop version is available on the mobile app. There are limited numbers of advertisements too. The application allows easy scrolling on the matches and the favorite lists.

Other noteworthy features on eHarmony dating website

  • The entertaining ‘What If’ section:

This is a feature that comes with premium accounts. It allows each of the premium members to add 30 extra matches that fall outside their preferences list. The idea behind this is that the more the member views profiles outside of his preferences and comfort zone, the more choices become possible.

  • A virtual date via video calls:

This remarkable feature allows members to meet other members on a video date. This feature allows members to spend a lot of time online and know their matches better, even from their own homes.

What are the free services on eHarmony?

What are the free services on eHarmony?

Free services on eHarmony include:

  • Registration on the website
  • Creating a profile page
  • Sending winks and smileys to interesting profiles
  • View profiles of members
  • Send a maximum of 5 questions generated by the site automatically
  • Add interesting profiles to list of favorites
  • Browse all the matches even outside the list of preferences

What features are fee-based on the website?

Here is a list of all the features that members can avail of if they are premium users of the website:

  • View profile pictures and other pictures in the gallery
  • View the profiles that added them to the list of favorites
  • See which profiles viewed them
  • Unlimited messages allowed
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Matching outside the preferences

A list of payment options

A list of payment options

There are three premium packages on eHarmony.

  • The Light premium package lasts for a total of 6 months and is valued at the US $ 9.98 per month. The total for six months comes up to the US $ 59.90.
  • The Plus package that lasts for 12 months and comes up to $2.99 per month, which works out extremely economical at US$ 35.90 per 12 months.
  • The Extra package lasts up to 2 years and is for merely US$ 1.08 per month and a cumulative value of US$ 25.90 for two long years.

The price of eHarmony premium packages is very reasonable when compared with other dating websites. Every feature on the website is worth its value in gold.

Payments can be made via

  • Credit card and
  • Paypal platform

Payment discretion is available, and entry on the credit card will appear as eHarmony.

The website allows its user members easy payment options. They can either pay in one or pays in a maximum of three equal installments. The three payment installments will include the total subscription amount mathematically split into three charges and due on three subsequent payment schedules.

EHarmony is exceptionally affordable. There are lots of coupons to be won online too. The website gives out free premium account trials during milestone anniversaries, random occasions, and holiday seasons. A lot of members win discounts and coupons often, and they are all very genuine.



How can members see who viewed their profile?

It is easy for a member to know who has viewed their profiles. The member must go to My Profile and click on the Preview My Profile button. Alternatively, whenever someone clicks on a premium member profile or engages with it by sending smileys or likes, the website also sends a push notification to the members indicating the same.

How can a member recover his password on eHarmony if he has lost it?

If the member has forgotten his eHarmony password, all that needs to be done is to log in to the website or mobile app and click on Forgot Password. The website will send a new password to the registered email address. The member will need to check his email and use the new password to retrieve his old account. It is a good idea to change your password from time to time.

Is eHarmony free for everyone?

Is eHarmony free for everyone?

Downloading the mobile app and the desktop version, signing up on it, and creating a website profile is completely free for everyone. If the user members want to use some premium features, they will have to sign up for the premium paid packages.

Are there duplicate profiles on the website?

There is zero possibility for any fake profiles on the eHarmony website. Every member is expected to fill up the questionnaire and take the personality test to sign up. If there are empty profiles, then it is a certain red flag. The website is known for continuously moderating its profiles and weeding out rogue ones.

What happens when members block other members on the website?

When a member blocks other members on the website, the blocked member will not view their profile or any activity by that member on the website.

How can members block others on the eHarmony website?

For security reasons, eHarmony lets its members block other user members that may have offended them. The members have to go to the offending member’s profile and click on an ellipse under the profile picture. A drop box will appear with several options. Select Block This Match to block the member.

The website also allows the members to report the abuse or to troll to its support team. The member has to click on the Block and Report This Match to report that profile to the customer support desk.



EHarmony has been one of the most successful dating websites from the time of its inception. It is fully committed to letting singles find their own long term partners successfully.

The site is choc a bloc with all the essential communication features that will help members know others better. If the members are looking for a casual dating experience, then this may not be the site for them. Likely, a member looking for a short term dating experience or casual sex will be disappointed.

Every eHarmony review professes high success rates. Most couples who meet up on the eHarmony website end up being very happy with each other. This is a dating website that is worth trying.

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