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SoulSingles Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance

SoulSingles Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 1 563 450
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website has a simple interface.
  • Site navigation is very simple.
  • Video communication is possible.
  • There are some very advanced search filters.
  • The cost of a premium membership is very reasonable.
  • It has profiles of singles from diverse backgrounds and various countries.
  • Android users have a downloadable app.
  • Members can upload a maximum of 20 pictures only.
  • Direct messaging is a paid feature.
  • There is a tab of 200 kb for every uploaded picture.
  • There is no mobile application for Apple users, but the website is mobile-friendly.
  • Some of the best features are only open for premium members.
  • Some of the profiles have zero information on them.

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Quick browsing of all the SoulSingles reviews on the internet will indicate many success stories around couples on this dating site. This SoulSingles review aims to give complete firsthand information about the SoulSingles website.

Nowadays, the trend is heavily towards finding interracial partners. However, sociologists often explain that singles often want to find partners who belong to their ethnicity but not necessarily from the same part of the world. The reasons may range from the need to preserve their unique culture and to be able to make friends from around the world and to communicate with the people they can easily relate to.

SoulSingles website is owned by a holding company called the World Singles. It holds a lot of subsidiaries under it that are purely ethnic dating websites. Some of the famous ones are Mexican Dating and Islamic Marriage. SoulSingles has been a part of this conglomerate since the beginning of the Millennium. Since 2001, World Singles has successfully brought together single souls in friendship, romance, long-distance, and marriage.

The SoulSingles website has many users already, and the numbers are only progressively increasing with each passing year. The dating website is about quality profiles of singles around the world as it is about a large number of users on it.

The users on this website are very active, and most of them seem to be interested in finding their soul mates or friends. This is one of those websites that is buzzing with activity all day and all night long.

What sort of interface does the SoulSingles website have?

What sort of interface does the SoulSingles website have?

The SoulSingles website has a downloadable application that is entirely free to download and use. However, this mobile application is now only available for users of Android devices. There is no mobile application for Apple device users, but the air is rife with the word that members can expect soon.

The design of the website is user friendly and, therefore, very easy to navigate. The website contains advertisements, but they are too few and in between. They are not annoying, and they do not open in the pesky pop-up folder on the browser screen.

According to some of the popular surveys, a lot of members of SoulSingles prefer to use their mobile applications. The site navigation is a piece of cake, even for those that are not tech-savvy at all. The mobile version is as user-friendly as its desktop version, but the definite advantage of having a mobile application is that members can log in even when they are out and about.

The background colors for both versions of the website are the same, and so is the functionality. A member used to the desktop version will be able to use the mobile version with as much ease. There is beauty in simplicity, and the SoulSingles dating website is a living example of this.

It has ads, but they are not annoying at all. They do not pop up on every square inch of the screen, and they do not obstruct any part of the screen that has information on it—using a small screen device? No problem. It is now possible to hide away the navigation bar so that the screen space increases.

The desktop version has profiles in a grid style. It is a refreshing change to see the profiles different from the regular and the mundane layout that most other dating sites prefer. The browsing experience on the website’s desktop version is enhanced because the design is minimalistic and virtually clutter-free.

The function keys are all conveniently located on the left-hand side of the screen. This placement employs very little space on the browser’s screen and makes it extremely easy to use the features and switch between them. The sidebar has features such as the dashboard, the search function, activity, chat, and slideshow.

There is also something exciting that SoulSingles does to the website that has been able to draw a lot of people towards it. This website has night and day modes. In the daytime, the background is white and has violet, blue and red accents on it, and in the nighttime, the white background turns to a muted shade of brown!

Almost all the SoulSingles reviews on the internet have one thing in common. People who use it cannot help noticing how the user interface is simple and clutter-free. It is its USP or unique selling point.

The dominant colors on the website are green and yellow. The font is readable, as well as very pretty. The text is straightforward and easy to comprehend. The web version on Apple devices come with the added benefit of using it on the web browser whenever required. It may be a little inconvenient to punch in the password and other details each time while logging in. But remember that it will not block precious space on the devices if it is a web version. It takes less than two minutes to log in on the web and begin socializing with new friends and love interest.

How easy is registration on SoulSingles Website

How easy is registration on SoulSingles Website

To be able to sign up on SoulSingles, members must be at least 18 years of age. The signup process is not lengthy at all. It will not take more than 10 minutes to be able to log in, sign up, and create a profile on this fantastic website.

SoulSingles dating website requires members to customize their profile for the best results. The website goes the extra mile to endure that members do not have to face any signing-in hassles. Email verification is done away with, and the website only requires its members to sign in with their Facebook handles.

Joining on SoulSingles is easier when members link their account with their Facebook account. This is because all the members’ details, including date of birth and relationship status, will be synced directly from the Facebook page to the new SoulSingles profile.

Follow these easy-peasy steps to register on the website directly:

  • Go to SoulSingles homepage and click to select on sexual orientation and preference from a drop-down menu box. The website has a default setting for the opposite sex. But if the member is a transsexual, it is easy to select their preference manually.
  • Next up, please enter the country’s name that the member belongs to and narrow it down to the city that they belong to. The website will ask for the member’s date of birth.
  • Enter a valid email address, a username comfortable with a punch in the desired password. Remember that there cannot be any space, brackets, or quote marks in the username. Also, it has to be at least five characters long.
  • Click on Continue to create a personal account on the SoulSingles website.

Here is a quick checklist of all the necessary personal information that the website will require from its members:

  • Location
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Gender preference
  • The email address that is preferred
  • User name and password.

Once the member clicks on the Continue button, they will request to answer questions related to their appearances, such as the color of their eyes, body type, and other vital statistics like height and weight.

The website will also require information relating to the profession, family status, faith that they follow, and other habits. There is a drop-down folder where the members must choose their ethnicity. The list has the following options:

  • Afro-American
  • Jamaican
  • Haitian
  • Caribbean
  • African and
  • Mixed ethnicity

The best way to ace the dating game on the SoulSingles dating website is to make an earnest attempt to answer all the fields honestly and to the best of their knowledge. This is because the website will propose a match based on the information they provide on their profile. It needs to be clearly said what they are and what they are looking for in their partner to get percent compatibility.

Here is what members need to know about setting up a profile on SoulSingles

Here is what members need to know about setting up a profile on SoulSingles

There is also a provision where members can write a short bio on their profile. The bio can be a summary of who they are, their interest and hobbies, and their expectation from the website. If there is a section that the member wants to come back and answer later, it can be done. However, make sure that the profile is not left incomplete for long.

The picture on the profile is like the proverbial icing on the cake. A huge number of surveys recommend that the profile always carries a photograph on them. A well shot and clear front photograph on the profile garners a lot of attention to the profile.

SoulSingles members can add anywhere between 1 and 20 pictures of themselves on the profile page. The picture can be uploaded almost immediately after the registration, or the member can choose to do it later.

Members are encouraged to complete their profiles as soon as possible. The website does this because it only allows the members with complete profiles to watch other members’ profiles, send out likes any number of times, and view the slideshow feature.

What are the special features on SoulSingles?

What are the special features on SoulSingles?

Most SoulSingles reviews will say that it has a limited number of special features. While it is true that there are only a few of them but what it loses in quantity, the website makes up in quality. These special features are far more superior to any other dating site catering to similar audiences.

  • The Likes

Any member on the dating website can send a like to another member. Sending the like could be the first step in starting a conversation. It qualifies for excellent wordless communication.

When a member likes other members, the website sends the receiver a push notification that can exponentially increase the chance of an interaction.

Members can send likes only when their profiles are complete. Once the profile is complete, members can send an unlimited number of likes. Another interesting feature is that the activity tab on the member’s profile will keep a record of all the profiles liked by the member.

  • The Slideshow

If the member is looking for a partner, here is the easiest way to do it. The Slideshow feature on the website will allow the members to check out each profile individually. The slideshow feature comes with a swipe right to accept and swipe left to reject feature.

  • Chat

This is one of the main features. It gives the members the power to interact with all the potential partners on the website individually. Chat is a premium feature. It means that unlike the likes and slideshow feature, this cannot be used unless the member is a paid member of the website. Going to get paid membership is a great step forward.

  • Flirts

This is by far the fastest way to attract the attention of the crush. Members can send a flirt to any member on the site that has caught their attention. All members, whether paid or not, can make use of the flirt functions.

  • Check out the Friends List

One of the best-loved activities on social media handles is to collect friends. Every partner in the world was a friend once upon a time. Making friends and adding them to the friendliest is the least hassling work on SoulSingles.

  • Events

If social media communication and online meetings do not excite the member, this feature is perfect. It allows the members to meet outside of the World Wide Web so that both sides have a clearer understanding. Checking out the event curated and held by SoulSingles is an experience in itself. There is nothing like meeting offline!

Is there a mobile applications from SoulSingles?

Is there a mobile applications from SoulSingles?

The mobile application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. However, there is a catch. SoulSingles application is available for Android device users only. There is no mobile application for downloading for Apple devices.

The web design of SoulSingles is very mobile friendly. It is easy to navigate. There are also advertisements, and it also has an attractive background color and a pretty font.

Want to know what the other noteworthy features on SoulSingles are?

Everyone who has been on dating sites knows how they work on algorithms and match two profiles. Now members who do not trust the algorithm or have exhausted all their matches can use the search filters to find a compatible match for them.

Even though SoulSingles is not counted within the best of dating sites, the members are spoilt for choice in the number and quality of search filters offered.

Search filters are subscription-based. This means that the kind of search filter a member can employ will depend on what kind of member he or she is. Free members can use filters such as

  • Ethnicity
  • Character
  • Religion

Platinum members may use filters such as:

  • Education
  • Their profession
  • Even something like favorite shows, movies, and music

Direct messaging:

If the member wants to bypass sending likes and flirts and directly message their interested matches, it is possible to send regular messages on SoulSingles. These messages look very similar to an email. It is quicker and more effective than sending non-verbal communication like likes and flirts.

With a standard account that is completely free, members will be allowed to receive and read messages, but they cannot initiate or reply unless they are on premium membership.

Are there any free services when signing up with SoulSingles?

Are there any free services when signing up with SoulSingles?

A free member on the SoulSingles website can

  • View profiles of other members
  • Use the search filters that are available to them.
  • Send likes and flirts.
  • See the slideshow feature on his browser screen.

What are the fee-based Services on the website?

Members who have enrolled for membership can

  • Chat for unlimited time
  • Use all the advanced search filters.
  • Highlight sections on their profile for better visibility
  • Do away with annoying advertisements.

Everything that members need to know about payment options on the website

Everything that members need to know about payment options on the website

Most of the features on SoulSingles work best with a subscription. This does not mean that it is impossible to find a soulmate being a free member. Purchasing premium membership on the website gives an edge over the others.

Payment can be made via credit card or on the PayPal platform directly from the website.

The plans are as follows:

Per month, SoulSingles charges its member $12.99, and for a three months plan, it will charge $32.97, which is roughly about $10.99 every month. A six-month membership will cost only $47.94, which is the most economical because it means the member pays an average of $7.99 each month.

SoulSingles payment is discrete, and the billing will show as WORLD SINGLES on the member’s card statement.


How do I see who viewed my profile?

How do I see who viewed my profile?

It is possible to see who has viewed the member’s profile on SoulSingles. The only criteria to be able to do are to be on the website’s premium membership. Free members cannot know who was browsing their profiles unless they like it or send a flirt on it.

How do I recover my SoulSingles account after losing my password?

In case the member has forgotten their log in details like the password, they can log on to the website and click on Forgot Password. The website will send a new password to the registered email address.

Is SoulSingles dating website free?

Logging in and registering on the SoulSingles website is completely free. Members can also create a profile on the website without having to pay a single dollar.

Are all the profiles on SoulSingles genuine?

Are all the profiles on SoulSingles genuine?

The profiles on the SoulSingles website are all real. All the profiles are mostly filled with maximum details on them. The website’s moderators are continuously reviewing new and old profiles and cropping out the ones that have not been active in a while. The communication system on SoulSingles is such that there is no chance that the member can be conversing with a bot or any other imposter.

What happens when a member blocks another member on SoulSingles?

If a member’s account is blocked, he or she will find it difficult to log on to the website, much less to be able to use the features on it.

This is how a member can block someone on SoulSingles?

If the member feels unsafe from a member or has complaints of being stalked or trolled, they can go to the User Profile and click on the Block and Report button. The member blocked will not be able to see any activity or be able to contact them again. The member can also report abuse to the website’s moderators.

Summing up, this is what SoulSingles believes in and stands up for

The SoulSingles website is the best place to go if you are a black single gearing to meet a long-term partner and soulmate. Almost every SoulSingles review on the internet will tell you that the dating website is a great community to be in. There are hundreds of success stories that only go to prove that love happens to anyone brave and ready to get out of their comfort zone.

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