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BlackAndWhiteSingles Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance

BlackAndWhiteSingles Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 85 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The member base is from across the world
  • Easy and cheap membership plans
  • Range of features
  • Good ratio of black and white members
  • Good ratio of male and female members
  • A huge number of success stories
  • It does not have a mobile application.

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A platform for those who wish to meet partners from a different race or ethnicity, BlackAndWhiteSingles, is the best place to be as per the BlackAndWhiteSingles review. The interracial dating site has a huge member base and a good male to female ratio. There are also many white and black members registered on the site, making it easy to find someone from a different race here. The site is unique in its own way and functions perfectly for those who are looking to try something different and don’t mind their significant partner from Madrid roots.

The BlackAndWhiteSingles reviews the look of the member’s profile, attractively presents the user, and helps make true connections. All that is required for a user is to sign up as a member. Once the member is registered, they can send winks and flirts and message the other members they are interested in. Whether one wishes for a serious relationship or wants to make friends online, BlackAndWhiteSingles offers ample choices to choose from, a partner based on one’s preference and likes. The site sets realistic expectations for people who are looking to get a partner from a different ethnicity.

With a proper office and a customer help desk team that is there to assist 24/7, one can be assured of the best experience here on BlackAndWhiteSingles. The help desk is available to offer any kind of support that the members may need. An easy and cheap membership plan with innumerable features makes this site good for people who wish to meet partners from another race either from their locality or across the globe. There is no dearth of choices for those who are registered on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site as they have members registered from across the world.

Is BlackAndWhiteSingles Fake or Real

What does the review of BlackAndWhiteSingles say about website Interface?

According to the BlackAndWhiteSingles review, the members get attracted to the dating site cause of the website’s look. The website has spotless, and it easy for one to navigate and feel the comfort of browsing the partner. Once someone enters the BlackAndWhiteSingles website, they can easily find their way through the various functions. The website color is very eye-soothing, and the contrast of the colors doesn’t annoy or make it look flashy. In fact, the contrast combination of colors helps easy locations of various tabs for easy access.

All the tabs can be accessed just by scrolling through the options available on the top of the page. The categories are neatly classified, making it easy for the members to find out what they are looking for.

Once the member’s logs into the site, they will see the matches for the day. They can easily use the filter option to search through the database and find a match as per their preference. There is no sort of disturbance when using the website, and it is also ad-free. So one can easily use this website and have a wonderful experience here. The site is so simple that even someone who has never used any dating site can quickly get used to the website and get the hang of it.

What does the review of BlackAndWhiteSingles say about website Interface

Explaination of the Registration process on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site

The registration process on BlackAndWhiteSingles is detailed. It is because the dating site is for those who are looking to make a serious relationship here. Even though members are looking just for friendship or a short term fling on the site, most of them are looking for a committed relationship. The detailed profile section makes it possible to know as much about the members before sending them an interest.

Even though the profile section is detailed, the registration process does not take a lot of time. A list of the questionnaire covers the entire personality, likes, and dislikes of the member, which is something that anyone wants to know about the prospective match. After that, the member needs to fill up a few details about themselves to add to their profile and if there is something that they want the members to know about them.

Members will also need to upload five photos on their profile. It is also essential that the photos are clear so that the matches see the images well.

Members can save on their registration process by linking their id with their Facebook profile. This makes the steps faster, and one does not have to input the basic details then. All the information gets automatically pulled by the Facebook id. Still, some details will be filled in that are exclusively needed to register on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site. One can also import their photos from their Facebook id.

BlackAndWhiteSingles is strict on security and ensures the safety of all its members registered on the dating site. For this, they carry out email verification. So once a new member registers on the dating site, they will have to confirm their sign-up process by verifying their email. This is to make sure that there are no fake profiles on the website.

Explaination of the Registration process on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site

How to set up your profile id on the BlackAndWhiteSingles site?

BlackAndWhiteSingles has detailed profiles that are essential to finding a partner on the interracial dating site. All the members have mentioned their preferences, their likes, and dislikes and have written about their personalities.

The members have also uploaded their photos on their profile. The members who have filled in a detailed profile and have taken out time to write true things about themselves and upload many images have a higher chance of getting matches on the dating site.

To find matches on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site is easy. There are two options for the same. Each day every member gets five-match recommendations on the site. They get to see it on their homepage as soon as they log in. These are matches that are recommended by the BlackAndWhiteSingles algorithm that has been suggested as per the members’ preference, personality, likes and dislikes, and other criteria that they must have mentioned on the profile. The members have the option to either go ahead with a suggested match or ignore it. If they like the match, they can send the like to the member or a flirt and wait for a reply. If they do not like a match, they can pass it. Premium members get even to send a message to the match if they wish to. However, if one is a free member, they can only reply to a message they may have received from a premium member. They cannot send a message to anyone.

The other way to find a match on the dating site is to search for matches yourself. The members can go on the search feature and put in the filters. They can choose to see members based on ethnicity, height, weight, marital status, locality, and many other filters. Since the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site lets all members see the entire database online, it isn’t easy to narrow down the choices. Adding these filters helps to make a list smaller, and once can then choose among them. So those who mention all details on their profile section have a higher chance of getting matches on the dating site.

How to set up your profile id on the BlackAndWhiteSingles site

Are there any Special Features of the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating website?

Some special features on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site are available exclusively for the paid members. These have got good BlackAndWhiteSingles reviews.

  • The members can choose the option to get their profile displayed on the top for 60 minutes. This helps to highlight their profile and increases the chances of getting a match.
  • The members can also send messages or make their profile anonymous when interacting with the members.
  • Those members who get to know each other and feel that messaging and chats are limiting their communication can call up the members. However, if the member does not want to reveal their phone numbers, then they can use the call feature on the dating site that lets them call the members without revealing their number.
  • The detailed profile gets a lot of attention. BlackAndWhiteSingles allows the members to write a few highlights about themselves in their profile section. However, if one is not confident about putting their thoughts to words, they can use the services where a professional writer writes down what the members want to include in his or her profile. The writer writes the details in a professional manner that is sure to highlight the profile.
Are there any Special Features of the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating website

How good is the BlackAndWhiteSingles mobile application?

The dating platform still does not have an app talking about using BlackAndWhiteSingles on mobile. However, that does not restrict members to use the dating platform on their mobile. The website is optimized for all devices, which lets members access the complete site on their smartphone. They need to open the site on their web browser, log in to the website, and start using all the features of BlackAndWhiteSingles available on the desktop version. There is no need to strain the eyes or pinch on the screen when trying to use the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site. Everything is easily visible and in big fonts that do not hurt the eyes.

All that the member needs to take care of is that they have a good internet connection. It is more than enough to use all the site features on their mobile phone. It lets them connect with other partners from wherever they are.

So the BlackAndWhiteSingles does not resist its users in any way. Whether one wants to find a partner sitting at home by accessing the site on their desktop, or if they wish to keep looking for partners on the go, whether they are in the office or traveling, the BlackAndWhiteSingles lets you stay connected always. To try out these dating sites’ features, one has to register on the site and then start to use it to find an interracial partner online.

What are the Noteworthy Functions on BlackAndWhiteSingles dating website?

BlackAndWhiteSingles has some really interesting functions, which makes this a popular dating site among the members in the group forum and group chat option. The members can start to discuss any topic of their choice over a group chat or forum. And during the chat, if they find someone interesting, they can send a personal request to the member. It is a great way to find matches because members can understand the other member’s mindset and then decide whether or not to approach them. Various chat forums discuss multiple topics and choose to join the chat group based on their interest topic. Alternatively, members can also make their chat group and invite other members to join it.

What are the Noteworthy Functions on BlackAndWhiteSingles dating website

List of the Free Services on BlackAndWhiteSingles

Here is the list of the free features available to all the members registered on BlackAndWhiteSingles.

  • Members can register on the dating site
  • They can upload their photos
  • They get access to the entire member database
  • Members can join chat groups but not create one
  • They can only send winks or flirts to the members that they like
  • They can reply to any messages that they may have received from a paid member

List of the Fee-Based Services on BlackAndWhiteSingles

The premium members get access to the following features:

  • They can send messages privately to members
  • They get access to all the special features on the interracial dating site
  • They can start their chat forum
List of the Fee-Based Services on BlackAndWhiteSingles

What are the Payment Options on BlackAndWhiteSingles?

BlackAndWhiteSingles allows members to first try out its services for free. Once the members get used to the dating platform and like its features, he is free to choose to become a paid member; for this, one needs to pay a subscription amount. There is an option of a one month, three months, and a 6-month subscription amount. The charges get discounted if the member takes a higher subscription payment. So a 6-month subscription would overall cost lesser than a 1-month subscription. Once the member takes the subscription, he will access all the advanced features on the website.

The subscription payment can be made using a credit card, through mobile, or a PayPal account. Rest assured that all the details are encrypted, and there are no chances of any theft or fraud when paying on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site.

The premium membership gets renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period. In case one wants to end the subscription or wishes to shift to another plan, then we need to go to the account settings and change the subscription plan status. They would first have to discontinue the service and then can reapply to a new plan. Remember to stop the subscription before it ends, or else the credit card would automatically be charged.

As compared to the other interracial dating sites, the subscription fee of this site is pretty cheap. It makes the BlackAndWhiteSingles site a value for the money dating platform, and the number of success stories on this site clearly shows that it makes sense to register and try out this platform.

What are the Payment Options on BlackAndWhiteSingles


Is it possible to see which member viewed my profile BlackAndWhiteSingles?

The paid members can see who viewed their profile on the dating site. They can then choose to reply or pass on the profile.

What is the way to recover my lost password on BlackAndWhiteSingles?

It could happen that the member has forgotten his password. It is easy to reset to a new password. The member needs to click on the Forgot Password option and answer a few details that the website asks for to verify the member details. Once done, the member will get a password reset link on their email. The member needs to click on the link and then enter a new password. He will also have to confirm his new password. Once done, he is free to log into the interracial dating site with his new password and use all the features.

Is BlackAndWhiteSingles for free?

Most of the features on the BlackAndWhiteSingles dating site are for free. However, to use the advanced features, one needs to be a paid member.

Is BlackAndWhiteSingles for free

Why do I see duplicate profiles on BlackAndWhiteSingles?

BlackAndWhiteSingles allows its members to update or edit their profiles as and when they wish to. At times one could see duplicate profiles. This usually happens after editing where the previous profile and the new profile show on the database simultaneously. In that case, give it some time, and the team moderators will soon delete the old profile.

What happens in case the BlackAndWhiteSingles account gets blocked?

If there are any scam profiles or any activities conducted on the dating site that is against the site’s policies, then the member account is blocked. If that is the case, then one should wait for some time, and the team moderators would unblock the account automatically. However, if the account stays blocked for a long time and one is not aware of the reason, they can get in touch with the customer help desk team to notify them about the blocked account. Based on the severity of the acts committed on the dating site, the team would decide whether to unblock the member account.

What is the procedure to block someone on BlackAndWhiteSingles?

The members are allowed to block other members on the dating site if they find them fake or if the other member is bothering them. It is easy to block the member. All that one has to do is visit the member’s profile that they wish to block and click on the block button. It will automatically restrict the member from sending any messages or any likes to the account. In case the members find any account to be a scam, they are free to drop a line to the help desk that will do the needful checks to decide whether or not to block the profile permanently.

Sum it up

If someone is looking for an interracial partner, then read the BlackAndWhiteSingles reviews to know more information about this dating site. The site has various features and a huge member base that makes it possible for a member to find a partner on the dating site. The site has members from across the world, and there are several females and males registered on the site. This leaves one with no dearth of options when they register on the dating site. Also, members are free to choose whether they want to enter into a long term relationship or enjoy hook-ups. They are free to mention it on their profile and find a suitable match accordingly. With a 24 hours customer help desk and a list of genuine profiles, BlackAndWhiteSingles is today one of the popular platforms if one wishes to find a partner from a different race.

Several success stories on the BlackAndWhiteSingles review clearly show that many have successfully found a partner on the BlackAndWhiteSingles site. It shows that dating sites are genuine.

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