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EliteSingles Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance

EliteSingles Review: Best Sites for a Hot Romance
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 23-33
Profiles 690 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a fantastic matchmaking system.
  • The majority of singles registered at least have a bachelor’s degree
  • The member base is well balanced in terms of education, smartness, and attractiveness.
  • There are more than 2 million users registered on the dating site.
  • There are daily algorithmic match recommendations based on one's personality and likes.
  • Most of the features are restricted to the paid members only
  • One cannot see messages or photos without a subscription

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EliteSingles is one of the popular dating sites in the United States, and if we go as per the EliteSingles review, this website is a part of the Sparks Network. It gives an impression of one of the best sites to opt for. The platform is meant for singles from an educated class who are looking for a serious relationship. There are close to 65000 members who join the site.

The member base is usually well-qualified academically. One glance at EliteSingles reviews would be surprising enough as most of the members hold a reputed university degree, which is proof enough to believe the website’s authenticity. The site is perfect for those who are looking for an intellectually compatible partner. This dating site’s main idea is to let singles match a partner who is compatible with their personality, like any other dating site. It is one of the reasons why elite singles conduct an in-depth survey of one’s personality and only suggest matches to the member.

This site is for those who are looking for a serious relationship online.

Review of EliteSingles: Is it Fake or Real?

What Interface Does EliteSingles Have?

The EliteSingles website is clear and crisp, and it is also easy to navigate through the website. The interface is modern and is pleasant to look at. The dating platform’s sleek design makes it perfect for targeting the dating site’s member base. Its target audience is the educated professionals who are singles and are looking for a mate. The website interface and design are highly suited and specially designed for this crowd.

Regardless of one’s age, the members can easily browse through the website with ease. The menu bars are labeled well and placed neatly, making it easy to navigate through the site. There are not many drop downs which do not give rise to confusion. The features are laid out well and placed in the appropriate places that make it easy to use the platform’s various features.

The website design and the mobile app of the EliteSingles dating site are well laid out. All the features can be easily assessed on the dating site.

What Interface Does EliteSingles Have?

Is it easy to register on the EliteSingles dating site?

It is easy to register on the EliteSingles website, and it hardly takes any time to sign up here. The members need to fill in some information and do a detailed personality survey. The members get a personality report for free. Since the EliteSingles is a dating site that promotes serious and long-term relationships, it pays to fill up the profile details carefully, increasing the probability of finding a match here. It should not take more than 20 minutes to complete the profile.

The profile section is slightly lengthy as per the EliteSingles review. The dating site wishes to know as much as possible about the member, which lets it understand the member’s personality and match him or her with a like-minded individual. By answering the profile questions and taking the personality test, members can fine-tune their possible matches.

Psychologists have carefully developed the personality test. Twenty-nine personality traits of the member are analyzed in the test. The member starts the registration process providing some basic details like age, location, sex, etc. and then can move on to the personality test. The members are also free to save the test and resume when they get time.

The personality test would ask the members to rate the statements. The member needs to answer the questions on how they follow a set plan, how adventurous they are if they like to stay clutter-free, how stressful they feel, and other questions to determine their traits like whether they are clever or dominating, etc. Once the member fills up this personality test, they get directed to the page where they can find a list of members they are compatible with.

Is it easy to register on the EliteSingles dating site?

How can I set up the profile on the EliteSingles site?

EliteSingles has millions of users that are registered on this dating site. There are members from across the globe. Most of them are highly educated. The dating site’s maxim traffic is from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The members on the dating site are very active.

The dating platform aims to match singles based on their education and financial level. The member base signed up here is diverse, which is also because there are many active members on the dating site from across the world. The site is mostly for the mature and educated class, with an equal gender distribution. With members looking for a serious relationship, it makes it easy to find a match on EliteSingles.

Members can register on the dating site and then start using its features to connect with other members online. They can compare likes and dislikes, get acquainted with the five questions, and send a wink to the other members. However, to read messages or send messages to other members on the dating platform is not for free, and one needs to be a paid member.

There are many ways to form contacts on the dating site after one signs up and creates a profile. The members are allowed to like and comment on the profile photo of the matches. It is available to the paid members only. All the features that will enable two-way communication are restricted to the premium members. The standard members can link by sending winks to the matches they like, and finding the one suits their interest.

The matches are matched by the dating site algorithm that matches partners based on their profiles, preferences, and based on the personality quiz. The members can also find matches here by browsing through the site and filtering the preferences to narrow down their search list.

However, if the member wants to send, read, or reply to a message, they need to pay. If the member has a standard account, they cannot reply to a paid member’s message. The premium members can also get their profiles prioritized.

The Have You Met section also an exciting way to find profiles on the dating site. In this, the members are shown the person’s profile, and they can then decide from the profile whether they want to connect with the member or pass over. To connect, the member needs to click on the wink. To pass over, the member needs to click on the X.

It is not free to view images on the dating site. To show compatibility, the questions that have been answered by the other members that match your answer is shown, and the compatibility highlighted. However, the profile is very detailed, and one can also edit their profiles if they wish to at a later point of view. The profile pictures are not free to see by anybody; this way, the member’s profile and information stay secure.

EliteSingles has a very informative and detailed profile section. Only basic information is asked for from the members, like their age and first name. The site is still able to get essential details and personality traits of the members. The algorithm also understands the members dating preferences and other subjective information that makes it easy to find a compatible match online.

The member needs to answer a few questions when they are signing up on the dating site. These questions are relevant to finding a perfect match and filling up some of the information needed on the member profile. When one visits a member profile, they will view the actions that can be taken so that matched members can notice. Members can see the physical characteristics of the profiles on the upper part of the page.

The members should first read through the About Page of the member and then click on the personality profile section. Here one gets to know about all the personality traits of the members. Most of the answers to the personality test can be found here. This makes it easy to find out whether or not the member is a good match.

How can I set up the profile on the EliteSingles site?

What About Special Features on the EliteSingles dating website?

EliteSingles offers many basic and special features on the dating site, making it easy to find a match here. These features may not be rare and unique to the site, but it increases the chances of finding a partner on the dating website.

Personality Analysis

EliteSingles is mostly to let its members form a committed relationship. The personality analyses are the key feature that helps it to achieve the same. The profiles are detailed, and the Big five analyses of personality dimensions are a great feature. This feature tests the members’ compatibility, which is similar to various other matchmaking websites. In this case, the members can see the match’s result and then understand their personalities better to decide whether to take the relationship forward.

The Big Five includes Agreeableness, Openness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Extraversion, and these are measured on a scale against the EliteSingles.

It helps to get an insight into the match level, but it also helps to protect privacy by not showing the exact answer to the question that the member has entered.

Match Recommendation

The dating platform has a very accurate way of finding a possible match on the site. The member will match recommendations daily based on the relation preferences, answers to the personality test and questionnaire, and the members’ location. This is a better way to find a compatible partner on the EliteSingles dating site. The matches are recommended abused on an algorithm that the dating site uses.

Advanced Search

Using the advanced search, members can filter the match recommendation based on height, age, location, gender, desire to bear kids, drinking habits, income, education, and many other traits and preferences.

Have You Met?

Through this feature, the members get a list of people that the site generates for them. These are the profiles that the members may have missed while they were checking for various match recommendations. The feature helps the members to find a match quickly and thoroughly.

Wildcard Matches

The feature is for the premium members that let the paid members get extra 20 matches daily, increasing their probability of finding a suitable partner online.

Favorites List

The favorite list is a special feature that lets members remember and also visit profiles that may have left a good impression. The members are free to add the other members to their favorite list. For this, they need to visit their profile and tap on the star icon. The members can also remove the favorites by removing out the star icon. It lets them come back to any member they may have liked, and they can then connect with them without having to browse through the database once again.

Elite Singles Magazine

The dating site is not just meant for dating. It also gives its members access to a magazine that is designed like a blog. The magazine lets the members read on the dating experts’ insights and get tips on finding a date on the dating website.

What About Special Features on the EliteSingles dating website?

How does the EliteSingles mobile application work?

The EliteSingles mobile app is easy to use and navigate and makes it convenient to find a match. All the features that are available on the website are available on the mobile app. The mobile application makes it easy to review the matches and also to send messages to the matches. The app can be downloaded on the Android and Ios platform. The file is light and is also compatible with most of the phones.

The EliteSingles dating app can be downloaded for free through Google Play or the App Store. The app is conveniently designed and has pages that make it easy to navigate through the site. Members can find a partner on the go as they can use all the mobile app features. Signing up, finding matches, and sending winks or messages are all possible in the dating app. Members can also fill in their personality quiz answerers on the mobile app.

How does the EliteSingles mobile application work?

Are there any other Noteworthy Functions on EliteSingles dating website?

EliteSingles allows its members to manage their email notification. For this, the members have to go to the My Account section and select the option Notifications. There they are free to change all the default notification settings.

To change the email address is also easy on the dating site. The member needs to go to My Account and then select an email. They then need to enter and then confirm the new email address in the correct field and then click on the Save button.

It is also possible to edit profiles on the dating site. The member needs to go to the profile page and click on the pencil-shaped icon. It lets them edit the fields that they desire to change and edit it. Once they are satisfied with what they have edited, then they can click on save. However, to change some basic inputs like height, name, age, and contact details, the member needs to get in touch with the customer help desk.

The team moderators check the profile entries and photos carefully before allowing the details to be reflected on the members’ site. Any update will take 24 hours to get approved. So if the updates are not visible even after 24 hours, it may have been disapproved.

It is also possible to delete the members’ accounts on EliteSingles. If the member deleted their account permanently, then all the matches and messages will be deleted totally. For those who are premium members on EliteSingles, they need first to cancel their membership subscription before they delete their account. To delete the amount, the member needs to go to the menu section and select “Account” and then click on “Delete My Account.” Just by following the instructions, the member will be able to delete the account permanently.

Are there any other Noteworthy Functions on EliteSingles dating website?

Free Services on EliteSingles

  • Singles can sign up on the dating site for free
  • Personality questionnaire can be answered for free
  • Personality test result is for all whether a standard or a paid member
  • Free members can upload photos on their profile
  • Standard members get matches daily
  • Standard members can send likes and winks to other members

Fee-based Services on EliteSingles

The premium members get:

  • Detailed explanation of their personality quiz result
  • They are matched to other premium members
  • They can see who visited their profile
  • They can send and receive messages
  • Get access to other members’ photos
  • Can leave comments

What are the Payment Options on EliteSingles?

There are various membership plans on EliteSingles.

  • Light is a three months membership plan for 104.85 USD or 34.95 USD / Month.
  • Classic is a six months membership plan for 119.70 USD or 19.95 USD / Month.
  • Comfort is a 12-month membership plan for 215.40 USD or 17.95 USD / Month.

Members can pay towards the subscription with their credit card and through their PayPal account.

The subscription fee needs to be paid for the entire duration as per the plan chosen. The fee will be debited lump sum. The membership will also get renewed automatically unless the member cancels the subscription before its expiry. If the member decides to cancel their subscription, they need to manage it on My Account or the iTunes or PlayStore.

Though there are many features available for free members, if one wants to establish a connection, then taking a premium membership does pay.

What are the Payment Options on EliteSingles?


Can I see which member viewed my profile on EliteSingles?

Yes, members can see who viewed their profile. However, for that, they need to be paid members.

What is the procedure to recover my lost password on EliteSingles?

Click on the Forgot Password option, which directs to the steps to renew the password.

Can I use EliteSingles for free?

Most features like creating a profile, uploading pictures, sending winks, and likes are free for standard members on EliteSingles.

Why can I see duplicate profiles on EliteSingles?

This is possible when one has edited their profile, but the previous profile is still pending to be deleted from the database.

What happens if my EliteSingles account gets blocked?

If the EliteSingles account is blocked, the members will not be able to view their profile. They can wait for a few days for the profile to get unblocked automatically or email at [email protected].

How is it possible to block someone on EliteSingles?

To block someone on EliteSingles, one needs to go to the member profile and select the Block Member tab.


Reading the EliteSingles reviews clarifies that EliteSingles is an online dating platform for educated singles looking to find a partner of the same mentality and intellect for a long-term relationship. The platform is detailed and unique, with various features like the personality quiz, making it easy to find a preferred match on the dating site.

EliteSingles is worth trying if one is looking for a committed relationship.

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